Interfacultary Symposium

On the 21st of March 2018 another edition of the annual Interfacultary Symposium was organized, this time with the theme "Genome Editing". The turnout was very high, just like every year. The evening was presented by the ever charming Marc van Mil, who held an inspiring welcoming talk. After this, Nienke de Graeff enlightened us with different perspectives of ethics on "Genome Editing". Following this talk, dr. Gerard Wagemaker managed to hold a facinating story about a new therapy that was developed because of genome editing. Then came the break of 1 hour to enjoy the terrific nasi from restaurant De Brink. After the break, dr. Hidde Haisma suprised with an extremely interesting story about gene editing in doping and Bernard Roelen closed with a story about designer babies that made everyone think twice. Overall, this was another succesfull edition of the Interfacultary Symposium and we want to thank that committee for organising this memorable event!