Announcement Stockholm trip 2018

The end of this academic year is almost there. After the final courses or theses have been completed, the HP students will go abroad on July 1st. This annual study trip is organized every year by the travel committee consisting of HP students. Destinations from previous years were Paris and Heidelberg, among others. This year we will go to Stockholm. The main purpose of this trip is to get to know our research field outside of the Netherlands and to get in contact with different fields of research in the Biomedical Sciences. In Stockholm we will visit several labs at one of the world's leading medical universities, Karolinska Institutet. In addition, Stockholm is the city where the Nobel Prize ceremonies are taking place. We will also meet bachelor students who are studying in Stockholm as well as master students from the UU who are currently doing their master's in Stockholm. A city walk will be organized to discover the different islands of Stockholm and our own HP students will be our guides.

Interfacultary Symposium

On the 21st of March 2018 another edition of the annual Interfacultary Symposium was organized, this time with the theme "Genome Editing". The turnout was very high, just like every year. The evening was presented by the ever charming Marc van Mil, who held an inspiring welcoming talk. After this, Nienke de Graeff enlightened us with different perspectives of ethics on "Genome Editing". Following this talk, dr. Gerard Wagemaker managed to hold a facinating story about a new therapy that was developed because of genome editing. Then came the break of 1 hour to enjoy the terrific nasi from restaurant De Brink. After the break, dr. Hidde Haisma suprised with an extremely interesting story about gene editing in doping and Bernard Roelen closed with a story about designer babies that made everyone think twice. Overall, this was another succesfull edition of the Interfacultary Symposium and we want to thank that committee for organising this memorable event!

Board photos

 IMG 20180213 WA0023

The board had been switched since November, but three months later we finally made the board photos! Credits to Iris Gill for the wonderfull photography!


Bowling with HP10 and HP11

On Thurday December 14th, we went bowling with both HP11 and HP10 to get to know each other a little bit better for the journey to Stockholm next summer. A couple of people couldnt make it, but most of the HP-members were present. With the company of some drinks we bowled for about an hour long. In the end there can only be one winner ofcourse, and thats Dirk Drost, congratulations!

HBU alumni event Mick O'Connells November 2017

Thursday 22st of november, 2017. The alumni and current HP students have met each other again at our third alumni event. This time, we have eaten and drank together in the Utrecht city centre at the Irish Pub Mick O’Connells. We have spoken of memories and what the honours programme is like today. Of course we had organised a real Pub Quiz as well, in which we divided up in four teams and tested our knowledge of our biomedical honours programme with question such as: “How many years does the Stichting exist” and “what is Wim Dictus favourite kind of chocolate?” It was a good evening.



Study trip Heidelberg report

Last summer started with a study trip to the beautiful university city of Heidelberg, Germany. 
During this week, we have visited many laboratoria and researchers and we discovered the historic city centre. 
The honours students have described and combined all these events in a report, which you can read here. 
Memories of an interesting and fantastic week. Enjoy reading! 

Article Susanna Plugge

During her bachelor, honours student Susanna Plugge has working on an article that has been published in JAMA Neurology: Neurodevelopmental Disorders Caused by De Novo Variants in KCNB1 Genotypes and Phenotypes.
In order to give the course Genes and Genomes an honours up-grade (see for students), she compared KCNB1 to its homologues and has turned this comparison into a figure.
We congratulate Susanna on her publication!



Alumni event June 2017

On Friday 16th of June, the second alumni event took place at Holland Startup. We had conservations about everyone’s life and what they are currently working on. We thought it would be fun to introduce a simple question: draw your favourite protein. Everybody enthusiastically started drawing proteins in bright colours. It became true science-inspired works of art (see picture). We also reflected on some memorable events of the Honours Program, which for some alumni happened many years ago. We finished the evening by eating delicious Chinese food. We are looking forward to the next event, which will take place this autumn. 



New honours students

We are very pleased to announce that this month thirteen students have been selected to participate in the Honours Program 2017-2019. These students will start in September 2017 under the guidance of dr. Tobias Dansen. We are very excited to meet them!