Experiences of Honours Students

The HBU foundation asked a selection of Honours students and former Honours students (alumni) to tell about their experience as a BMS Honours student.


Honours Alumnus Sanne Boersma (HP student 2012-2014)

Participating in the Honors Program (HP) during my Bachelor Biomedical sciences at Utrecht University has been a great experience. We met monthly to organize and attend seminars, to discuss progress of our individual projects, to have Journal Clubs, and to learn about future carrier options. Those meetings were great and I learnt a lot of scientific skills. Additionally, the Individual Project enabled me to determine my personal preferences, which scientific fields appeal most to me, and this ultimately led me to decide which Master’s program I wanted to join. Besides learning these scientific insights and skills, I also enjoined to meet as a group, to discuss with my fellow HP students, and to organize an excursion to Oxford. Although our group has finished the HP, we still meet regularly in scientific context as well to do fun activities together (we call them NNRAs=non-nerd related activities). I would highly recommend joining the HP, if you would want to get more from your Bachelor! 



Current Honours student Arthur van den Burg (HP student 2014-2017)
During my individual project I did an internship with an immunology research group at the UMC Utrecht. This gave me the opportunity to see a different side to laboratory work than during practical classes and to experience research in practice. This experience has granted me new and improved research skills and was an excellent chance for me to examine my future Master choice. Besides the individual project and deepening of biomedical sciences (BMS) courses there is a large emphasis on the social aspects of the Honours programme (HP) and working in a team. For instance, both BMS-HP groups have gone on a study trip to Paris together, where we were amazed by the various research laboratories, met international young scientists and experienced first-hand how immensely big the research world really is. We also fill a large part of our monthly meetings ourselves by organizing Journal Clubs, lectures by interesting guest speakers, presentations of our own projects and excursions to, among others, Genmab. Therefore, for me participation in the BMS-HP is characterized by an incredibly close and fun group of passionate fellow students, gathering essential scientific skills and stimulating oneself to get the most out of your Bachelor and yourself.