It all started during the organisation of an excursion to Oxford. We took a lot of effort to search for sponsors to fund this study trip. However, it seemed to be impossible to collect money for just a group of talented honours students that wanted to expand their international research experience by going abroad. Even the Utrecht University Fund (in Dutch: U-Fonds) could not provide us any financial support. Due to new policy dictates, their grants were only given to foundations or associations. After consultation with the director of the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences and management experts, we decided to establish a foundation for the honours students of Biomedical Sciences. In this way, we could not only receive financial support from the Utrecht University Fund, but we would also look more reliable in the search for other sponsors. In addition to facilitating the annual excursion, this foundation facilitates the formation of an honours alumni network and organisation honours-related activities. As the establishment of this foundation required us to come out of our comfort zones and required a lot of work, this experience taught us a lot. We are also happy that our successors will now get the chance to gain their management experience during the honours programme. At this moment, we can proudly look to a functional foundation and we hope that this foundation will very valuable for the honours students of the Bachelor Biomedical Sciences in Utrecht in the (near) future!

Fréderique de Graaf & Marlies Ludikhuize (founders)